In July 2015, my wife and I were proud to complete our home purchase in Lawrenceville, PA.  The home was designed, developed and built by Mark and Zach Restelli from Regent Penn.  We could not be any happier with the home we purchased and consider ourselves proud members of the Regent Penn family.

Every conversation and interaction I had with Zach Restelli from the time we signed our purchase contract to the time of our home closing was very positive.  He is a talented and gifted designer with a commitment to building a high quality product.  His attention to detail, comprehensive knowledge of construction and willingness to spend time explaining it all to me was beyond expectations. 

Morning or night, there was never a time Zach could not be reached.  I enjoyed meeting Zach and Mark in person and felt a strong sense of family from them.  Buying a home can be nervous and stressful, buying a home from Zach, Mark and Regent Penn was a delight.  This was more than a transaction, this was the beginning of a long lasting relationship.  We are very proud to have come across this team and fortunate to be a part of their family.

Warm regards,



REGENT PENN has the unique pleasure of welcoming a diverse and interesting group of folks moving in from various metros around the United States. It's warming to feel their genuine curiosity and excitement towards moving into our favorite city, Pittsburgh. 

We are fortunate to have these new residents in our community, and the area will benefit from their new presence. 

Our most recent buyers have moved from Austin, Baltimore, Boston, DC, LA, and NY.

We're glad they decided to Move in with us! 

Mark and Zach